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The episode opened with Harry coming into the office hung over, there a she met a new client Richard Cross, a biology teacher fired for failing a student over Darwinism.

The kid refused to answer any of the questions about evolution based on the teaching of his Pastor, however as he was on a fast track to Harvard the school board (getting nudged by the Pastor) released Mr. Cross. 

Meanwhile Ollie helped an old friend named Tammy who was being charged with deceiving several men through the online dating site she owned. Each of the men thought she was exclusive with them and were upset when it turned out she wasn't.

Harry looked into Mr. Cross’ and came to the conclusion that the student’s parents had reason to go after the Pastor for influencing their son to the point he failed; there wasn't any ground that Harry could really take.  The next day Cross called as he found a dead woman in his car. 

The woman turned out to be the Pastor’s wife, Harry at first thought the Pastor did it, but it came out that the student did it when he left a note after hanging himself in the church. Ollie’s case also went badly as Tammy was found guilty on all charges. 

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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

He was let go due to budget cuts, know how I know? Because right here [points] it says "budget cuts".


Cross: I have a rather serious matter to discuss if you don't mind.
Harry: I do actually, beat it. I'm not receiving today.