Taking on Roseanna
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The episode opened with Harry and Adam having already taken a case defending Puck. Puck is being charged with helping a kidnapper, as he helped negotiate the deal to deliver the money and get the child back. 

Tommy was visited by his oldest clients Abe and Gloria Gold, where Gloria told him she wants a divorce because Abe needed to be in assisted living and it the only way they could afford was if he was broke. After wrangling Cassie into helping him, it came to light that Gloria had a new man in her life and wanted to marry him. 

Harry and Adam were faced off with Roseanna Remmick, Roseanna was taking the case against Puck personal given that he use to work for her. However, Harry still triumph in the rematch as Puck was found not guilty. 

Harry's Law
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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Harry: Can't we all just behave as grownups here?
Roseanna: No... I don't do that.

They like me, they like you, they don't like her. Let's get it done!