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The episode opened with Harry heading out to go hunting on her vacation. As she left Chunhua arrived with a couple who needs Adam’s help getting their daughter back who was taken from them and adopted here in the states. 

Harry got pulled over for because she was not driving an American made car and got herself arrested. She then took the Mayor to court to prove that this city ordinance requiring people to drive American cars is unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, Adam and Cassie continue in the case of the Chinese family whose daughter was adopted here in the states and was in Philly. After meeting with the adopted parents they filed a motion in court. The Judge said she would hear from both sides but the bottom line was going to be what was best for the child.

Harry won her case and the Judge ruled the city ordinance was unconstitutional and disbanded it. For Adam and Cassie the Judge came back and said that the little girl would stay with her adopted parents but would have a very detailed visitation with her birth parents. 

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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Try to get this. I'm white, I'm rich, I'm a Republican which makes it legal for me to mistake you or a quail.


Harry: Ok, we clear... any problems, any emergency at all..
Tommy, Cassie, Adam:[together] Nobody Call