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Nathan is growing tired of "Lexie" and wants Audrey back. Though, at the same time, he realizes that she can't reveal herself and needs to keep the truth hidden. At the end of the day, Audrey tells Nathan they can't be "Audrey and Nathan" again. She rubs in his face that he liked Sarah ... enough. Nathan leaves and then immediately comes back and tells Audrey that he loves her and they kiss.


Wade continues to kill troubled people. Duke finds his underwater burial ground and confronts him about it. Duke locks his brother up on the boat, but Jennifer lets him out. When Wade tries to kill Jennifer, Duke kills him. And, with that Duke's trouble disappears. He asks Jennifer to keep it a secret from Nathan and Audrey.


Jennifer applies for a job at the Haven Herald. Her first assignment is to do a background check on herself. She turns in the report, but says she couldn't find her birth parents. Dave and Vince dig into her adoption and find out that Agent Howard arranged her adoption.


The trouble of the week has to do with dreams. What happens in people's dreams affects them in real life. Freddy was "mauled to death by a bear." Nathan has a naked school dream with Audrey as his teacher. And, Dwight dreams he's shot. They track down the source to the newspaper delivery girl. She's aware of her trouble, but it's never spread before. Audrey helps her stop her trouble through a lucid dream. At the hospital, Audrey notices a silvery handprint on the woman's back. Who are the two men who mugged her?


The two men are watching over Audrey at the end.

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Haven Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Dave: Aww. Good. You're catching on quick, Lexie
Audrey: Well, it's Nathan brilliant investigative mind. It must be rubbing off on me.

Audrey: So you really hate Lexie, huh?
Nathan: She's not you.