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Vince discovers that Jennifer was adopted from a local family in town.

Nathan and Audrey awake from a night of lovemaking to Vince at the door.

Duke decides to leave town and tells Jennifer to get her stuff off his boat.

Duke doesn't like that he's become the schmuck that helps everyone else instead of the business man that's out for himself.

Duke saves a little girl when a mysterious force crushes things in its path.

Vince and Dave have the bends from the pressure that rolls through town.

A weird horseshoe crap scurries across the boat with human looking eyes.

Jennifer discovers that in the history of Haven there has never been a person who has gained a new Trouble if their family didn't already have one prior.

Audrey wonders if Duke knows about she and Nathan when he gets angry at them for protecting themselves.

Jack Driscoll appears to be the cause of the Trouble despite his lack of family line. 

Someone is giving Troubles to people. 

Duke is missing when they need him the most.

The horseshoe crab is following Jennifer.

Jack Driscoll wants to use Duke and his Trouble to kill him to save his family, not knowing he is without Trouble at this time.

Nathan discovers Duke's Trouble is gone when Duke punches him and he doesn't soak up the blood.

Duke, Nathan and Audrey go deep sea diving on land to try to stop the Trouble.

Duke called Audrey by her name instead of Lexie while they were deep land diving, and Jack Driscoll was listening to their audio.

Duke asks Jennifer to move back onto the boat.

Nathan wants Audrey to cure the Troubles forever by killing him, especially since the rules have changed.

Vince and Dave talk about a legend and the harbingers when someone opens an other-worldly door that will bring a great evil, including horseshoe crabs with evil eyes.

The journal says that what was once your salvation is now your doom, just as a shot rings out from Audrey's apartment.

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Haven Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Nathan: Well, it's like the old Phil Collins' song, you can't hurry love.
Vince: It's The Supremes.

Audrey: Why did we wait so long?
Nathan: Haven. It's not an easy place.