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Everyone fights over what to do about Lexie.

Lexie remembers being in the barn and William and the supernatural aspect of it all.

Duke and Vince want Lexie to get to know Nate so she can shoot him and end the Troubles.

Lexie tags along while everyone investigates a Trouble.

Duke admits to Jennifer that he was suggesting Lexie fall in love with Nathan as a placeholder until they found a better idea.

Jennifer thinks she's no longer needed.

Jordan wonders if the Troubles are actually Sarah/Lucy/Audrey/Lexie's Trouble and if Duke killed her if they would go away.

Duke is overtaken by a Trouble.

Wade wants Duke to care about him.

Puppet Duke kissed Jennifer.

Duke asks Jennifer to stay in Haven and move onto his boat.

Duke gets Lexie to admit she's just playing her role and she's Audrey.


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Haven Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

I'd actually like, you know, a heads up if we're gonna get tortured or killed or made to work at to work in the newspaper.


Lexie: Where am I?
Jennifer: Maine. Don't worry. After a while, you kind of get used to it.