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Nathan and Dwight investigate when several children disappear under mysterious circumstance. 

William uses a sort of hypnosis to get Audrey to see where she really is.

A freaky small kid with razor teeth is taking Haven kids away.

Duke is trying to distract Jennifer so she can open her mind.

Nathan thinks a local school principal is conjuring Douens because she cannot have her own children.

Jennifer starts to hear Audrey and Audrey her when Jennifer and Duke play quarters to relax.

Both Jennifer and Audrey need to open doors for Audrey to return from the barn.

It turns out to be the husband of the principal who is creating the Douens because he can't give his wife a family.

Jennifer opens the door and Lexie comes through. Not Audrey.



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Haven Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Audrey: What if I can't find this door?
William: You will cease to exist.

Dwight: A Troubled four-year-old?
Nathan: Yeah, I know. We need Audrey back now.