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Nathan and someone in a giant bear suit are on Haven Season 5 Episode 9 titled "Morbidity"

Dave has a dream about the lost Roanoke folks and sees the word Croatoan carved into a tree.

Dwight, Nathan and Audrey are hanging out at Duke's outside by the water.

Mara has been helping them with the Troubles. Nathan bought some new socks. Dwight was out of town at his sister's funeral.

Dr. Charlotte Cross with the CDC shows up asking Dwight for help in finding Dave. Dave's infection is virulent and unknown.

Everyone panics about Dave and the idea the CDC might learn about the Troubles. For some reason, Dave is making jokes in the police station so they won't be hiding him from anyone!

Dwight takes CDC Charlotte out for Lobster after they diffuse the Dave situation by using Chris (Jason Priestly) as a jellyfish expert. She did learn, however, that the pharmacist has a deadly staph infection.

The group is called to a Trouble. It turns out to be a dancing bear in front of a Haven shop. They try to get the bear to remove it's costume, and the thing is empty. When he removes it a second time, there is a dead guy inside with his head half missing.

There is another one. It seems to be the same dude. And another pops up. They're popping up all over.

Mara walks out of the shower and stands naked in front of Duke, wondering if they're moving toward something. She tells Duke she didn't kill Jennifer because she wanted her alive.

The lobster they serve at the Gull? OMG. Want. Now.

Dwight and Charlotte bond over dinner. She recognizes in him his military service and she shares she was a Navy surgeon. A man keels over and it's likely a rare form of staph infection. If it's the same one the Pharmacist has, they'll be glad she's there.

The bears are popping up around town faster than they can collect them. The Haven doctor thinks the sick might have gotten food poisoning at the Grey Gull.

They find the woman who has the Trouble. Lucy was here helping 28 years ago. The lady shows Audrey a photo of herself and Lucy.

Charlotte determines Gloria is incompetent because she's withholding information. Gloria, meanwhile, thinks a man will activate his Trouble because he's a germaphobe and doesn't want to be in the hospital. Now that the fourth patient is dead, Charlotte is even more concerned, because she doesn't know about the Troubles.

The bears show up everywhere the girl's dad took her. She and her husband, Hank, had the flu that blisters.

Mara is happy to see Duke.

Dave's infection is looking great. Dwight and Charlotte decide to do some touring and then finish their dinner. Her testing reveals a similar genetic marker in all of the Troubled.

Eve is worried about losing Hank. That's what triggered her Trouble. Dwight shares the bad news -- the bear is still popping up. Hank wants to know what they can do. Audrey calls in Mara. Mara calls her Audrey Husk. 

When Audrey tells Duke Nathan is rounding up Troubled people, Duke realizes Audrey's predictions are coming true.

Duke and Dwight are worried about the Troubles going off when Charlotte walks in. She thinks the bubble guy was murdered. She places the town under quarantine.

Duke tries to get the electrical girl to wreck the cell phone tower. Charlotte doesn't want to hear from Dwight. She wonders why everyone is coming for her. It's a bit frightening to be in her position, actually.

Dwight sticks up for Charlotte, even tasing Duke to keep him from going to her.

Duke then decides to utilize Mara. They're on their own.


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Haven Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Charlotte: [hears a scream] What was that?
Dwight: Locals. People get upset when they run out of lobsters.

Revealing an inter-dimensional injury to the CDC? Yeah, not a good idea.