Haven Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Morbidity

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Finally! We have an hour of Haven that isn't solely focused on Audrey Parker and Nathan Wuornos. It works.

By giving the reins to Dwight, Haven Season 5 Episode 9 was more interesting than most of the other installments we've seen this year.

Charlotte from the CDC provided not only a foil for all of Haven, but a romantic interest for Dwight. That's a side of the character Adam Copeland hasn't had the chance to explore, and he did a pretty good job of it.

There are some basics to get out of the way. If anyone else wants to join me for a road trip to The Grey Gull for their lobster dinner, give me a holler! That looked marvelous. What a shame Charlotte never got to eat a bite. The closest I'll come is all you can eat crab legs tomorrow, but suddenly that seems a long way off.

Nathan and Audrey have settled into a little routine and do dull things like drink out by the ocean with friends and discuss Nathan's socks. New or otherwise, I'm not really interested in his socks, to be honest. The lack of drama, however, is very welcome. The new normal. Yay!

Duke is getting the shaft. That's something that Mara is well aware of, and she doesn't hesitate to point it out. I suppose since he's the absorber of the Troubles, everyone figures he's the guy who has to be stuck with Mara around the clock. That hardly seems fair. He's not the one who brought her to town. Blame Audrey.

Audrey is feeling the pressure of having absolutely no insight into the Troubles. Every time she comes up with a fix, it's wrong. I giggled when Mara called her Audrey Husk. She's right, though. Who is Audrey now that she's on her own? Does she have any real skills? They haven't adequately explained that yet.

The bear Trouble was deliciously wicked. What an awful Trouble to have. I'm damn glad my dad never thought it a good idea to truss up in a bear suit and do a silly dance for me as a little girl. That would be enough to cause a Trouble if Eve didn't already have one!

The two big developments were with Dwight and Duke. Let's hit Dwight up first.

Much like Duke with Mara, Dwight was tasked with watching over Charlotte. They seemed to hit it off and he was rather impressed with her medical skills. She discovered a similar genetic marker in all of the Troubled she tested and that piqued Dwight's interest.

Here's what I'd like to see, but I know it's a stretch. Dwight trusts Charlotte with the truth. Right?! Isn't that an awesome idea? We desperately need some new blood in Haven, and someone who can look into the Troubles from a genetic standpoint would be a nice new direction for the story. It's getting tiresome having everything revolve around Audrey. This would give Dwight more of a story and a different path for the Troubles.

She was in the Navy. She has seen things. Being in the CDC we know she's interested in the unexplained. This might be incredibly exciting for her. She might not even want to share what she knows if they do her the honor of trusting her. It could happen. I want it to happen. That last statement means someone will probably kill her instead.

Remember all of the wasted potential between Duke's brother and Jordan? I do, too! Outside of Jennifer, Haven isn't great with "new."

It's going to be interesting to see Duke go a bit bad boy again. He teetered on the edge at the beginning of Haven and now he has an opportunity to walk down the dark road with "evil" Mara. Right now she seems more pragmatic than evil, and I no longer mind her presence at all. I'm still not sold on her droll delivery of lines, but she does have a unique perspective on things.

Let's see Nathan and Audrey tested by something other than love and standard Troubles. Let the group start to shatter and sides be taken up; really get the boat rockin'!

It feels good to see potential. We only have three episodes left in Haven Season 5, but now that they aren't all going to be the same show on a different day, there's something to look forward to.

If you need to catch up, you can watch Haven online any time via TV Fanatic. Now, hit the comments. What are your thoughts on Dwight and Charlotte? Duke and Mara? Do you see any potential here??

Morbidity Review

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Haven Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Charlotte: [hears a scream] What was that?
Dwight: Locals. People get upset when they run out of lobsters.

Revealing an inter-dimensional injury to the CDC? Yeah, not a good idea.