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Audrey looks for outside help in dealing with no longer being immune to the troubles and the fact that Nathan may be lost forever. 

Mara toys with Duke, which isn't the best method to exact information from the smart man.

Nathan tries to determine why his ghost buddy might have been killed.

Vince and Dave were ready to head out of the hospital, until the hospital found a nasty infection on Dave's leg. It's kind of gross.

Duke and Audrey call on some dude named Seth. He checks Nathan's electromagnetic field. He finds a ghost and even though Nathan says, "they must be desperate," he is, indeed, right there.

Duke takes another swing at Mara, and it includes booze.

Audrey thinks that without Nathan, maybe she just can't do the supernatural thing anymore. 

Nathan knows it was likely Reggie who caused his issues. He wants Nathan dead.

Mara gets Duke to talk about his mom after some bourbon.

Audrey figures out who has the trouble. Amy, the photographer.

Duke ran into his mother a few years ago in Boston. She said she'd like to score some dope off of him but she didn't have any money. She'd be happy to pay him another way. Ewww. She didn't recognize him.

Vince is in trouble.

Nathan and his cancer ghost buddy discover the news about Amy. Amy is cancer ghost's girlfriend.

Mara actually knows about the Trouble. As soon as Audrey's photo is printed, she will cross over. In Mara's time it was an artist and a splash of paint. 

Nathan sees a knife and it's Morgan (cancer dude) who is actually the killer... or bad guy.

When Audrey goes into the Trouble, she arrives to find Nathan on the ground and Morgan holding a gun on her. Seth gets Amy into the Trouble with his and she has to find out that Nathan and Audrey are in there with them.

Dave and Vince just act stupid to get Vince out of trouble.

Morgan wouldn't go back into his body, because he has cancer. Amy wanted so badly to capture that moment, when he was good and cancer free that it caused his Trouble.

When Amy admits he's not the same man, they flip back. He wants to know why they're the only ones who get to be happy.

Mara knows how venting a Trouble works, so she knows that Duke purposefully split her and Audrey. But why?

The CDC shows up looking for Dave. 

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Haven Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Mara: This is the one thing Americans do better than anyone else.
Duke: Drinking?
Mara: Bourbon.
Duke: Cheers to that.

Well look at this . Here we are again, Miss Marvel, Dave Navarro and the token geek.