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Secrets abound in Haven Season 5 Episode 5. Mara continues to mock Nathan and Duke, assuring both of them that she has killed Audrey. Nathan refuses to believe and continues to address her as Audrey.

Vince travels to North Carolina to look into Dave's mysterious past. He winds up at a Croatoan Cafe, hoping to understand how it relates to Dave. While there, he begins to shake and suddenly, Vince is now in Dave's body and vice versa. 

Nathan decides the best way to get Audrey back is to take Mara on a case with him. He hopes working on one will lower Mara's defenses and allow Audrey to reemerge.

At the Haven mental institute, an orderly attacks a patient. He strangles him to death, which oddly results in his death too. While investigating, Dwight and Gloria switch bodies. Audrey manages to surface briefly to tell Nathan that the orderly and patient switched bodies first and asks him to keep treating her like Audrey.

After Dwight/Gloria completes the autopsy, they realize if one person dies, the other person with whom they switched bodies with will also die. 

Audrey tells Nathan and Duke that the reason people are switching bodies is because of secrets. You can only switch with someone you are keeping a secret from. She says Mara is getting suspicious and to leave her and Duke behind tomorrow.

Dave and Vince find a link between the owner of the Croatoan Cafe, Allison, and Haven. Her husband's brother is a patient at the mental institute and is the cause of the trouble, although they don't know what triggered it.

Duke and Audrey reminisce. She asks him why he pulled back from their kiss in Colorado. He hesitates and she keeps pushing him. Nathan goes to confront Allison's brother-in-law, but he touches Nathan while escaping, which causes Duke and Nathan to switch bodies.

Nathan is upset because he finds out about Audrey and Duke's kiss since she doesn't realize she's talking to Nathan, not Duke. But Duke calls to warn him that it isn't Audrey. Mara is pretending to be her. 

Dave and Vince go back to Allison's home and an open thingy is trying to force Dave to go through. It wants him back.


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