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Nathan and Dwight don't see eye to eye on what to do about Mara when Dwight chooses to end things at any cost. 

Mara threatens Duke to get out before he gets spattered with some Troubled blood. 

"Audrey" comes through Mara when Duke kind of appeals to her, but she doesn't seem like Audrey.

"Mousy nudge my smelly belly," says Duke once they're outside the cabin. Uh... something went wrong. It's just gibberish. Whoopsie.

Dwight interrogates Mara but it goes about as well as expected.

Mara promises Dwight she will cure one Trouble to prove she can. Because Mara is so trustworthy.

Nathan is worried that Dwight treating Mara like Mara just gives her more power.

Mara cures the Spotlight. But when she's done, the lose cell service first and then birds start dropping out of the sky.

Nathan wants to know if Duke slept with Audrey and Duke inappropriately answers with slipping something in the pink. Hmmm.

Dwight plans on bringing every citizen of Haven to Mara to be cured.

Nathan walks Duke through why he got a Trouble. It attached itself to Duke's guilt. It left immediately.

Someone in Dwight's company has the ability to kill birds or something.

The Teagues argue over pretty much everything, but Vince's really upset Dave never told him about being from the other side.

Dwight figures out that things are cooking for some reason. Dwight thought it was him, but it's not. Mara didn't fix Jody but turned her spotlights into microwaves.

The guys bombard Mara with Audrey memories and Audrey comes back. Audrey reveals that Mara has been lying about being able to cure the Troubles. 


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Haven Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Sorry big guy, but your lifetime is a fraction of a second in mine.


Dave: Nobody's going to think a telephone poll was running down the street!
Vince: In Haven they might!