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On the conclusion of this two-parter, Duke and Natha take a serious gamble in order to save Audrey when they fear they will lose her forever. 

Duke and Nathan, switched, are jabbing at each other as they try to decide how to get Audrey back. Nathan is surprised that Duke goes commando. 

Duke is pretty sure Mara is not immune to his particular Trouble, and recalls her saying Duke was something new. She likely has no idea what it means to be Duke and hold all of those Troubles, so they plan to release a reincarnation Trouble to get Audrey back.

It turns out that the original Troubled switched bodies years ago. Skip and Jeffrey are the dudes. Skip's wife knew and then Jeffrey confronted Skip about his cheating and they switched. So Jeffrey, who also loved the woman, was now in his brother's body and they could be married.

Fake Duke and Fake Nathan pull their own switcharoo on Mara. Everything was going great until Mara gained the upper hand because Nathan was too weak inside of Duke to let out the Trouble.

Dave as Vince almost gets sucked into a thinnie.

Mara is saddened to learn that Jeffrey isn't like her and doesn't want to kill his brother.

Vince (inside of Dave) sees Croatoan in the road and crashes the car. 

When Jeffrey and Skip greet, all of the switches are reset. 

Skip's wife has a story about where the Croatoan's walked through the mist. Agent Howard wanted to buy her house. 

The day the Colorado Kid died was the day Dave was pulled into the void and ended up on the beach. The Colorado Kid was on the beach when he woke up. He thinks he killed him.

Duke does this thing and nothing happens. Except something does happen. Audrey is born. WTF?

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Haven Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Duke as Nathan: See Nathan? I can totally sound like you. Stick-up-my-ass serious, sprinkle in a few "Parkers."
Nathan as Duke: Well I'll just try to look annoyed all the time.
Duke as Nathan: It ain't easy being me, Nathan.

Oh. I'm sorry that we can't all find true love as you, Nathan. Did you ever wonder if it's because Audrey is the only person who you can feel?

Duke as Nathan