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Adam meets with McGarrett and Duke after hours. Steve shows him his watch found at a robbery scene. Adam turns in his badge and gun and walks out. McGarrett and Danny try to figure out Adam's actions. Now Danny has a sewage backup at his house so he'll keep staying again with Steve. A tourist helicopter crashes, killing seven. It was shut down. Adam consoles Tamiko as she deals with Masuda's death. Tani finds surveillance of the rocket launch. An old lady arrives at Honolulu Airport. She's actually in disguise and is much younger under her mask. Junior finds the rocket launcher. At Masuda's funeral, Adam confronts Kenji and blames him for killing Masuda. Kenji threatens to expose Adam's involvement in pursuing Tamiko's kidnappers. It appears the pilot was the target of the rocket. The rocket was part of stolen Russian artillery that once was in the hands of Wo Fat. The pilot had cancelled an entire day's worth of tours, as Grover suspects he got a better offer that day. Junior is approached by a woman admiring his car, the same woman who had earlier posed as an old lady. The pilot had turned off his transponder for nine minutes on the day in question. Adam ducks Danny's calls. Danny and Steve spot a body when flying where the pilot had earlier flown. They find two dead security guards and a former lieutenant of Wo Fat's and empty crates for weapons. Adam illegally buys a gun. The woman is Daiyu Mei, a weapons dealer. Duke tells McGarrett and Danny that Masuda is dead. Mei leased a storage facility on Oahu but it's empty. Instead, Mei guns down her buyers and her men at another site. Mei is Wo Fat's widow and leaves a message for McGarrett with her dying thug. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

McGarrett: While we figure this out, can you keep it between you and me?
Danny: I'm the picture of discretion.

After everything you've done for me, you deserve the truth. But I can't give you that.

Adam [to McGarrett]