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The episode opened where we left off in the season finale with Steve having been arrested for the murder of the Governor and Kono under investigation for missing money.

Steve has been in prison for several weeks while Chin Ho and Danny continued to try and track down Wo Fat. In prison Victor Hesse attempted to shank Steve but stabbed him in a non-vital area and whispered to him that it would be his best chance to escape.

Steve did just that; he escaped from the ambulance and made his way to Max’s house. Meanwhile Steve longtime friend Lieutenant Commander Joe White arrived to help Steve prove his innocence.  Joe recognized one of the items from Steve’s fathers items and introduced Steve to the man that gave it to him.

From there, the team found that Steve’s father hid a video on a memory chip, Chin Ho and Danny went to the Governor’s office to see if the camera was still there. It was and in fact had captured the Governor’s murder and proved that Steve didn’t kill her.  Back in prison Wo Fat walked out without being spoken too after killing Victor Hesse in his cell.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Danny: So, what's up buddy? You've been ducking me for about a week.
Chin Ho: Been a little busy.
Danny: What are you doing? Putting more of your friends behind bars?

White: I'm Joe.
Kono: Kono.
White: Nice shooting Kono.