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The episode opened with a tribal warrior stumbling out of the jungle and dropping dead in front of a woman who was on a company retreat.


The man Brandon Koruba was the owner of a boat building business and Five-O was on the case to find out who murdered him and why. They first believed that he was murdered for a rare cultural artifact he owned, but when they found the guy who had taken it, they learned that the guy had taken it after Brandon died. 


Five-O then turned its sights to an extremist group who had threatened Brandon and his business for destroying marine life. After arresting the leader of the group Five-O learned that Brandon had let a permit request for a huge contract expire because it was going to be too costly to the environment. 


This lead Five-O to learn that Brandon’s partner Tony had refilled the permits shortly after Brandon’s death and that Tony had relayed a call through his office to make it look like he was there as an alibi. Five-O caught up with Tony at Brandon’s house where his wife had him held at gun point.  

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Steve: Time travel doesn't exist.
Max: On the contrary, there are several theories....
Danny: With all due respect. For argument sake, let's say this man didn't own a Delorian and is from the 21st century.

Danny: You ruined my frittata.
Steve: I put it out of its misery.