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-A body found in the woods turns out to be that of a girl who was kidnapped a decade earlier.

-On her body, the team finds hair linking her to a young girl who has just gone missing.

-The Five-0 track down her captors--a couple who kidnap girls and use them for welfare money until they turn eighteen, then murder them.

-The team discover the location of the new young victim, just in the nick of time--she has been buried alive by her captors.

-Kono, unable to reach Adam for days, goes to his house looking for answers--and finds his gun-wielding brother Michael, who references a man named "Soto."

-After asking Catherine to run a background check on a Yakuza crime lord named Soto, Kono digs up some startling information.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Ray Beckett: I want to see a warrant.
Danny Williams: Shut up.

Sinead O'Connor called, she wants her hairstyle back.

Danny Williams