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It was a night of murder at a reunion.  It should have been a blast from the past for Jerry and Chin Ho, and instead a double murder was revealed. One was revealed upon the opening of a time capsule and the other simply because a young woman was ready to face a dark secret from her past. 

Simultaneously, Danny and Steve were on the hunt to find out what was buried in Cambodia, and when their trip proved futile they returned to help out with the reunion murder. 

With all hands on deck, it was quick work to track down the movements of the murdered woman who was trying to make amends for a secret long buried.  It ultimately led back to a jealous ex-boyfriend and a protective brother who had helped cover up the death of a secret lover 25 years before.  With the ex-boyfriend fearing that the death would unravel his current life, he murdered her to keep her quiet, but her brother sought his own vengeance in retaliation. It was an efficient hunt for the brother hiding in the family maze and he was only too willing to give up the ex-boyfriend for killing his sister.

It should have been all is well and ends well, but Steve's continuing journey to find out who had been buried in the empty grave in Cambodia pushed him to keep tracking down every clue to that mystery.  But that only led to another empty office and dead end. 

Buried secrets always come to light in the end, but for Steve, his journey has not ended yet.

Hawaii Five-0
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