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Farrow has Jerry, along with one of his own employees. He tortures and kills his employee in front of Jerry.

Danny is back from his trip home for his brother's funeral. He blames himself for letting his brother get on the plane four years ago.

Meanwhile, a body is found in a freezer, stabbed 17 times with hin tongue cut out.

Jerry tells Steve and Danny what happened. He got away, but he overheard that Farrow had a plan to move the money. The guys still have a hard time believimg him so he takes them to his house and they find out all of his stuff is gone. All of his life's work, plus all the evidence he had on Farrow. Finally, Steve believes him.

Steve tries to get a warrant with Ellie's help, but they don't have any luck with the judge. But Steve and Danny go ahead and pick up Farrow anyway. Jerry walks in and accuses Farrow in person, who immediately denies it. Steve lets him go but puts surveillance on him because he doesn't think Farrow is who he says he is.

Another body is found, different M.O., but Max recognizes it from a b-grade horror movie. They have a copycat on their hands. Their victims are the same age and Max thinks the killer could have been a victim of bullies.

Meanwhile Danny is trying to help Jerry get information on Farrow, but they don't get far. Danny still doesn't believe him, while Steve does. They get a call that Farrow and an associate are unloading boxes near the airport. All they find are old books.

Turns out Kamekona went to school with their two victims and he does remember them as bullies. He gives them a clue as to who their next victim might be. They get there a little too late, but luckily the victim is still alive.

Steve has Farrow in the interrogation room. Farrow is still playing dumb. They can't find any evidence of counterfeiting, so Steve wants to get him for the murder.

The latest would-be victim says he knows who the killer might be, a guy named Sam. Turns out they decided to reenact the movie and strung the poor kid up all night.

They find out Farrow is actually Major William Corrigan, former British Special Forces. Court-martialed in 2004 for excessive combat but disappeared before his trial. His orders got 5 innocent Iraquis filled. He defends his decision.

Turns out he fakes Helms' murder so that the team would concentrate on him and Helms could complete the deal.

Kono and Grover track down their killer and find that it's actually his son who committed the crimes. He even strung up his dad, angry that his father let others bully him and how their lives turned out because of it.

They discover Corrigan is working with a splinter group of the new IRA. He's not counterfeiting for profit, he's trying to wage war against his own country.. Steve and Danny make it in time to stop the money from getting out of the country.

Hawaii Five-0
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