Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Unmasked

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Things got very spooky in Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 6.

This show has a reputation of doing some great Halloween episodes and I enjoyed this installment about the holiday. It was great to watch it on Halloween night, too.

We all know that this show never delivers a murder with your typical story going the way you think it would. So what was the twist this time? That the person doing the murders was actually the son of the guy who was bullied in high school.

Up until then, it was a pretty standard story of a copycat murderer using an old horror movie as his inspiration. Though I was intrigued when the question was brought up as to why it would suddenly start happening more than 30 years after the film came out.

While the killer-of-the-week story allowed the show to explore the spookiness of Halloween, Jerry’s story played out very nicely. There were a lot of twists and turns in Farrow’s story, so I do feel like I need to watch Hawaii Five-0 online to make sure I caught it all.

Jerry; So you believe me?
Steve: Yeah.
Danny: I... um... TBD.

What I did catch was that Jerry was dead-on right, but Farrow (or Corrigan) figured out a way to use Jerry’s enthusiasm to nearly get away with a devious plan. I have to admit, it was pretty ingenious to let Jerry think the other guy was dead so that Five-0 would concentrate on him.

I thought it was great that nearly every wild theory Jerry had about the guy turned out to be right. When he told Danny he thought Farrow was MI-6, I laughed, but then he was right. I wonder if this means the guys will take him more seriously from now on? Because I know I will.

You know Area 51? Turns out there’s an Area 52.


Everything worked out in the end and we saw Ellie return a little faster than I might have predicted. I liked how she was worked into the story, but I really hope we’re not going to see them working together in every episode.

I feel like maybe Steve’s had enough of that. Perhaps he should have a girlfriend who has nothing to do with his job. They should just stick to fishing because that bit was cute.

My favorite bits:

  • Trick-or-Treating at 3:30pm? Did that sound early to anyone else? Or did I always just go out late?
  • That version of “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.”
  • The song that played while Danny was sitting and looking at the ocean. So sad and perfect for the moment.
  • Finding out that Steve knew exactly when Danny’s plan landed and went looking for him. Aw.
  • Steve telling Danny that he couldn’t second-guess all of his past decisions.
  • Grover admitting that he got some of his son’s candy, mostly Twix.
  • Jerry trying to plead his case by mentioning the black unicorn in front of Ellie. Not his best idea.
  • Max in his costume. Too cute. I totally forgot about his Keanu Reeves thing. How could I forget that?
  • Steve and Danny breaking into Farrow’s house, even without a warrant. Uh oh.
  • Max having to employ his EBay skills to get the old horror flick.
  • Danny’s oh, so deadpan “No” when Jerry asked if they could manage without him. Laughed. Out. Loud.
  • Kamekona’s high school photo. That is all.
  • That masked figure lurking behind Grover. Spooky!
  • Danny’s crack about needing to confirm Ellie was talking about the same Steve McGarrett after she described him as "nice and polite." Ha!
  • Kono coming face to face with a killer from a horror movie.
  • Grover knowing the perfect way to end a horror movie.
  • Steve and Danny repelling off that chopper and onto the ship. Nice!
  • Aw. According to my subtitles, they apparently cut out a couple lines when Steve and Danny opened the barrel. Danny said “Jerry was right” and Steve said “Yes, he was.” I guess it was more powerful to have Jerry walk in and toss the money at Farrow with a “Checkmate!”
  • Steve turning into a total fanboy for Eric Dickerson.
  • Poor Danny getting that photo from Steve.
  • Ellie proving that she wasn’t at all soft about catching and eating her own fish. I love that she was going to make Steve cook it.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Which storyline was your favorite?

Ho'omā'ike (Unmasked) Review

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