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At the beginning of the episode a man is shot as he is trying to crawl over the fence of a prison. 

Adam reveals to Kono that he thought they would be married by now. She tells him that the problem she has with marrying him is that his father's company still has ties to corruption. 

The team discovers that the man who tried to climb the fence went by the name of Decker and was a CI who was on the trail of an international criminal. 

When Decker regains consciousness he claims to not know anything about Roman or what is going on. Steve comes up with a plan to fake Decker's death so as not to spook Roman into going underground. 

Steve tracks down Decker's connection to Roman and is led to a man named Ames. 

Decker has flashbacks when Kono shows him a picture of Ames. The team discovers Ames' body and figures out that Decker turned the tables on him, the two fought and Decker hit his head in the process. 

The team storms a house where they believe Roman is hiding. Roman catches Agent Morrison and reveals that he is watching his wife and children and threatens their lives unless Morrison helps him escape. Morrison agrees and is knocked unconscious by Roman. 

Adam goes to Jerry and convinces him to make Kono's favorite dessert. Jerry talks to Kono about forgiving Adam. Decker talks to Kono about why she is not married to Adam. 

The team obtains a sketch of Roman from one of the witnesses at the house, but discovers that it is a decoy. 

Meanwhile at the hospital, Decker remembers who the real Roman is. Kono must then fight to save her and Decker's life. 

Kono and Adam get engaged at the end after Kono tells him she loves him. 


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Maybe you are not in a place where you can hear me right now.


Hey. Don't touch my sideburns. I am serious.