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The team discovers a journalist who was murdered and must track down his killer using his reports.

Max discovers a code on Julius' chest that turns out to be backwards words. The team finds the same word's in the reporter's hotel room.

Danno is upset that his daughter is talking to boys after receiving text messages from his daughters phone. 

Jerry talks to Naomi about his views about Valentine's Day. Jerry comes to Max's office to look at the code on Julius' body. 

The team suspects that a member of the Department of State may be responsible for the murder. The discovers that Julius may have been close to a break down, which would explain the hypographia. 

The team is led to a Congolese refugee who was murdered and discovers the Saggitarius arrow on him. The team discovers that Julius and Patrice were keep in contact right before he died that is somehow related to a warlord named Makoni. 

Makoni takes civilians as leverage to force a meeting with Steve. Kono wounds Makoni with her sniper rifle. 

Danno and Grace have a heart-to-heart about how he was receiving her text messages and that Grace had lied to Danno. 





Hawaii Five-0
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