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After a family arrives in Hawaii for a vacation, the father is show as he answers the door to his room. The shooter then steals the father's carry on bag. 

Meanwhile, Kamekona is upset that he has been entered into a cook off competiton against a famous chef. 

McGarret discovers that the father of the family has not had a job for much, making the family trip to Hawaii suspicious. 

The team discovers that the shooter has been involved in numerous theft crimes. The team pieces together that he put a stolen painting in the father of the family's bag and then shot him to reclaim it. 

The team meats an insurance agent at the airport who is pursuing the stolen art which they discover is a Vincent van Gogh painting. 

Kono and Chen must go under cover in order to catch the art seller. While working the undercover operation, Jerry shows up and nearly blows the teams cover. 

Kamekona continues to work with a local chef who is training him before the competition. He ends up using an old unorthodox method from his prison days to prepare a meal. 

Kono and Chen attend a private party and go undercover as art buyers. Unfortunately, the art show turns out to be a stage heist. 

Jerry manages to tap into the signal jammer that is blocking the team's communication. Jerry manages to save the day when he helps apprehend the art thief. 

At the end of the episode it is revealed that Nicole was the real mastermind behind stealing all the paintings as she wanted to return them to their rightful owners and collect the bounty. 


Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Jerry: The real question is how is he getting out? After that alarm went off this place is as impenetrable as the the Dread Fort?
Steve: What?
Jerry: Game of Thrones. Anyone?

Running head first into a suspect. Vintage McGarrett.