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Dr. Madison Gray walks into HPD with blood on her hands. McGarrett and Danny gets pulled away from the grand opening of Flippa's Shrimp Wagon. Gray claims to be Lauren Parker, a tourist from Wisconsin. She doesn't deviate from that identity when McGarrett interrogates her. Gray established residency in Wisconsin after her escape from Five-0.  The psychologist believes that Gray is suffering from dissociative identity disorder. She also passes a polygraph test. The blood on Gray is Alicia Brown's. McGarrett and Grover find Alicia at her home. Alicia wants to go see Gray. Gray says that Alicia tried to kill her. McGarrett and Alicia have dinner together. Alicia leaves McGarrett's house in the middle of the night to interrogate Madison, even threatening her with a razor blade. Gray tells Alicia she has a secret that Alicia wants to know. Alicia breaks out Gray. Alicia and Gray fly to Wisconsin. McGarrett and Chin visit Edward Sears, who was thought to have orchestrated the murder of Alicia's daughter Sienna. Sears tricks McGarrett into giving him his pen, and Sears kills himself with it. McGarrett finds letters from Benton Jones, Sears' accomplice. Alicia takes a gun to confront Jones at his cabin. Gray drives off. The blood on Gray is actually Sienna's. Alicia finds her alive at the cabin. Jones disarms Alicia with a knife, then McGarrett arrives to kill Jones. Gray breaks into Alicia's house with a gun and tells Alicia that she will kill for her. She taunts Alicia until Alicia shoots her. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Flippa: I'm showing some initiative, cuz. You did say my truck.
Kamekona: Yes, to manage and operate. Not to paste your ugly mug on it, diluting my brand.
Flippa: What brand? You got two trucks.
Kamekona: Exactly. They're buying the food because my face is on the truck.
Danny: I'm pretty sure they need to put 'in spite of his face being on the truck.'

Jerry: I gotta say, I'm impressed. You took a step back, let Flippa manage his own truck. A lesser man wouldn't give up that much control, not to mention the limelight.
Kamekona: You know what they say. Good men do, great men delegate.