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Evading HPD, Kanuha, a murder suspect, runs onto sovereign Nation of Hawaii land. McGarrett never renewed his license, so he has to take over his road test at DMV. Duke calls, and the test gets suspended. The native police won't turn him over because they believe he is innocent. Their Nation's leader, Dennis Bumpy Kanahele, insists that Five-0 produce proof of Kanuha's guilt first. The dead man, Akemora, was Kanuha's old partner in crime. Chin talks his way onto the sovereign land to interview Kanuha, who admits he lied, because he thought he would be accused of the crime. The murder weapon was stolen. Things get complicated by an aggressive U.S. Marshall, Wes Lincoln, who tries to take over the situation. Lincoln gives McGarrett to sundown to resolve the situation. Jerry shows how the safe was broken into, and it points toward the murdered locksmith. Lincoln cuts off cel signals to escalate tensions. McGarrett finds the murder weapon in a storage unit full of stolen merchandise. Kanuha admits to the robberies but said he didn't kill Akemora. Five-0 suspects Kanuha's boss, Devon Berris, brother of Kanuha's parole officer, of being involved with the robberies. Berris tries to get Kanhua to take the fall, but Kanuha attacks him, then Chin intercedes and arrests Berris. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Fortunately, I'm used to being judged from the passenger seat of this vehicle, so that's fine.

McGarrett [to DMV tester]

Danny: You guys are going to go over speed limits, right?
DMW tester: It's a comprehensive road test, covering all the driving laws of the State of Hawaii.
Danny: Comprehensive meaning like driving on sidewalks, hopping curbs, going under semi trucks, stuff like that?