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A couple on a leaking saillboat find refuge on an empty Coast Guard cutter, save for the dead sailors. The bullets from the cutter are tracked back to the Yakuza family led by Michelle Shioma. The trawler involved in the attack is tracked to Lanai. Grover goes back to Chicago to testify against Clay Maxwell, bringing Will along. He dresses down the young cop sent to bodyguard him. Five-0 comes upon a group of bodies hung up in the trees. Then they get ambushed by Shioma's soldiers. Jerry is torn about whether he should contact someone about Five-0 falling out of contact. Grover gets the cold shoulder from his fellow cops. McGarrett tries tricking them to get outside the cage, and after a tussle with some Yakuza, he brings back a bullet, hoping to blow the lock. Grover leaves Officer Bennett, his bodyguard, at the hotel to protect Will. Jerry tells Duke about his suspicions, and Duke recruits a group of HPD officers that he trusts. McGarrett blows the lock, and they start picking off Yakuza. On the trawler, Shioma abandons the remaining Yakuza to Five-0. The team is running out of bullets when the HPD choppers descend upon them. Other HPD choppers catch Shioma's trawler. McGarrett tells Shioma to take her punishment, for the sake of her daughters. McGarrett gives Jerry a real badge. Grover struggles with what doing the right thing ended up costing him. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

When you over-pack, you kill the vibe of the vacay from the very beginning.

Grover [to WIll]

So hand-to-hand combat, parkour, jumping out of airplanes, that's out, right?

Danny [to McGarrett's doctor]