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The episode starts with a flashback to New Jersey in 1999, when Danny was a beat cop. He and his partner break up a domestic disturbance, with the wife unwilling to press charges.  Danny meets up with the wife, Brooke Gardner, in present-day Oahu. Two cops arrest Adam, who has a dead body in his trunk. Junior and Tani meet Frank Bana, who is visiting McGarrett. Junior and Tani have to walk a beat in uniform for one day. FBI Agent Colin McNeal is charging Adam for Hideki's murder. McGarrett suggests Jessie may have turned on Adam. Adam refuses to divulge Jessie's identity. Brooke identifies the body of her ex-husband, Ray Gardner, who shot Danny. Namoto, with whom Jessie had been sleeping, is killed as well. Flashbacks trace the relationship between Danny and Brooke. Junior and Tani learn more about each other while dealing with petty crimes. Jessie leads police on a car chase, and eventually McGarrett chases her down. Jessie said she was running because the other two in her organization were dead. She agrees to take McGarrett and Grover to the site where Hideki was killed, but the trailer is gone. Junior and Tani discover a young boy on the street, then Junior finds his father overdosing on the floor. They take the father in for help. McGarrett uses a satellite feed to figure out what company  hauled away the trailer. They go to that company's garage and a firefight ensues. Junior goes to help an old lady and she maces him. In the final flashback, Danny meets Rachel after an accident. Adam is freed after McGarrett recovers the trailer. On Hideki's body was DNA that was a familial match to Adam, a female.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 18 Quotes

Junior: I agree. But this being such honorable work, why am I the only recruit having to do it?
McGarrett: Good point.

Tani: You just had to open your mouth.
Junior: You just had to be in the room.