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McGarrett tries to console Adam, who is quitting his task force. Catherine comes to Hawaii to track uranium that may be supplying a Somali bomb-maker. Junior can't bring himself to go to his estranged father's birthday party. He goes for a run with Eddie, and Eddie runs off, then Junior falls down a ravine, hurting his leg. Eddie comes back for him, but Junior throws rocks to drive him back from the edge. McGarrett thinks that a base on an abandoned island may have had depleted uranium. McGarrett borrows Kamekona's chopper. Then Jerry wants to go to the island, thinking it may be King Kamehameha's final resting place. He talks them into being their guide. Later Jerry admits he had never been on the island before. Junior climbs up enough to grab his cell phone, only to find out it has no signal. McGarrett and Catherine catch up awkwardly. Catherine falls into a punji trap. McGarrett is confronted by two armed hunters. They take their guns, cells and packs and force McGarrett into the pit. Jerry wanders onto the scene just as they escape the pit. Adam goes back to Mr. Kimura looking for an alibi. Junior flashes back to his sister's death. They find the hunters dead outside the bunker. McGarrett creeps in and gets shot at. They kill one gunman, while another run off. Eddie goes back to The Palace looking for help. Tani goes to follow Junior's route. Jerry finds ancient artifacts, then starts a fire when he's spooked by a spider, but he puts it out. The gunman Catherine and McGarrett are chasing trips and blows himself up. Tani and Eddie find Junior. McGarrett and Catherine break it to Jerry that the artifacts are all fakes. Noriko washes up dead on the beach.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 20 Quotes

As far as I'm concerned, prison is too good for [Noriko]. She deserves worse, much worse.

Adam [to Tani]

Junior: You hear that, [Eddie]? You were an afterthought.
Tani: No, you're not. Don't listen to him.