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A teen cliff-diving finds a body wrapped in chicken wire. Danny imports his uncle Vito to help he and McGarrett with the restaurant. The body was a private detective, Clifford Pruitt. Adam steals the car of Yakuza chief Hideki Tashori as part of a scheme to get Jessie inside his organization. Vito is picking up a woman rather than supplies for the restaurant. The team interviews Pruitt's most recent clients. McGarrett suspects that one client's missing husband, Mika Kulani, may be Pruitt's killer. Jessie returns the car to Hideki, and he lets her live but sends her away. Adam has bugged Hediki's car. Jessie marches into Hideki's barber shop for a trim. He hires her. Five-0 finds Greg Isaacs, who was last seen with Mika. He's terrified by a photo of Mika. Kamekona helps Vito find the woman who robbed him, but she's spent all his money. Greg mentions a bridge, but says little else. Hideki has his car swept for bugs, and they find the wire Adam planted. The bridge reference leads Tani to a self-help guru Visha Kundahara, who awards purple bracelets to his devotees. The team goes into the jungle looking for his compound. Adam intercepts the thug before he tells Hideki about the bug. Five-0 arrests Visha after an armed standoff. He used psychedelic drugs on his students. McGarrett got confessions from cult members about the murders of Pruitt and Mika. Mika's widow and his parents find out about his death. Vito delivers the supplies he promised. Adam makes the thug and the mechanics disappear. Then he gets tasered and wakes up bound in a shed in the jungle.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 15 Quotes

Adam: You're going to have to trust me.
Jessie: Easy for you to say. If this thing goes sideways, it's not your ass on the line.

I thought you guys wanted to make some money.

Vito [to Danny and McGarrett]