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Junior and Jerry have been sent to escort home a fallen soldier, Christopher Kaliko, to Oahu. A thief dumps his load of black sand, and there's a body inside. Duke has decided to retire rather than try for reinstatement. McGarrett urges him to fight to clear his name first. McGarrett said the deteriorated body was sucked up from the Pacific Ocean by an illegal black-sand dredger. Junior doesn't know why Christopher chose him for escort duty. Noelani tells McGarrett the feet were ripped off because they were weighted down. They check with Kamekona about who moves black-market sand. Flippa used to run the black-sand market, and he pointed McGarrett and Danny toward his successors. After a foot chase and a dangerous dive by McGarrett into a sand processor, they capture one of them. Jerry and his friend tried to enlist after 9-11, but Jerry had a panic attack and couldn't. That's why he wanted to come along with Junior, to make up for that in some way. McGarrett dives and finds feet. They are from a woman, so McGarrett says that means a double homicide. Jerry urges Junior to make things right with his father, who didn't want him to enlist. McGarrett finds a surgical pin in one foot, which helps them identify one victim, Grover and Tani go to his apartment. They determine he identified as a female. The second victim has the same name as the first, so they have to figure out which was the intended target, Kaimi Alana. They bust the woman's husband, who hired a cheap contract killer who rolled on him. Duke comes to see McGarrett. He's decided to fight to get his job back, to set a good example for his granddaughter. Junior remembers he had talked to Christopher's class years before. His mother gives him a message from Christopher.

Hawaii Five-0
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