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Fugitive Aaron Wright retreives the drive with the cyber-weapons he stole from the NSA from Keon, whom he kills with a neurotoxin. Adam stayed over at Tamiko's house. They  seem to be getting closer. Junior hasn't heard from his father since the parole hearing. Jerry got a call from Omar Hassan's widow Azra, who wants to ask McGarrett's forgiveness. Keon's surveillance caught Aaron's call to a buyer. Junior gets a call from his mother, who can't find his father. McGarrett sends Junior to go find him. With the NSA's help, they find the site for the sale. But Aaron sends a stooge in his place and a bomb in the bag he was carrying. Jerry finds spyware Aaron installed on his laptop. Aaron makes the sale to an Asian buyer elsewhere. Jerry and Tani track Aaron's burner phones and find the woman who he had been dating. She used her phone to track Aaron's movements and found he went to a storage unit. A bartender tells Junior that his father was trying to track down somebody. HPD finds Aaron's motorcycle. He crashes and tries to escape on foot in a mall. He sets off a ballastic-missile warning and creates panic, causing a traffic jam. Jerry discovers that Aaron was training to fly a particular model small plane. Then he finds the nearest airfield with such a plane. McGarrett plays chicken with the plane, but Wright escapes. Jerry hacks his plane and dumps the fuel. So Aaron has to turn around and land. Aaron has to give up his buyer to get a shorter sentence. Junior finds his father with a gun outside the house of his sister's killer. He tells Junior he is not his son anymore. Adam visits Tamiko. Hassan's widow pulls a gun and shoots.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 25 Quotes

Frank: To Joe.
McGarrett: To Joe.

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Danny: Who is it? It's none of your business.
McGarrett: Tell Rachel I said hey.