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Fugitive hacker Aaron Wright is the only survivor of an attack on an NSA outpost. Junior plans to testify at the parole hearing for the drunk driver who killed his sister Maya. Aaron asks Tani for her help after the attack on his office. He's looking for protection from the killers. He had been working for a cyber-warfare unit. Flores, chief of the NSA unit, lies about its purpose. He was out of the office that morning. McGarrett and Tani stop him again. An intruder tries to break in Aaron's house and is killed, one of the three hitmen who arrived recently on the island. McGarrett plans to use Aaron as bait. He gives Aaron's phone to Tani and Junior, to draw out the killers. Junior's parents aren't going to the parole hearing, so Tani says she will. One of the NSA agents had been blackmailing people, one of whom was Kinross, CEO of Cryolaris who is suspected in the attack. So Jerry reluctantly recruits Aaron to help him crack Kinross's company firewall. They discover Cryolaris manufactured an anesthesia machine which had killed three people. Tani and Junior pick up a tail. Soon they're in pursuit. One of the killers has an RPG. Tani eludes it but rolls the SUV. They're still being shot at, but McGarrett arrives and takes out both killers. Jerry found a slush fund that was used to hire the killers to kill the blackmailer. Brother Percy convinces Grover to help him with another baker who stole his special recipe. The baker said they buy the pastries wholesale, from Flippa. Flippa wants to start a pastry business with Percy. Grover agrees to invest as well. Junior decides not to oppose parole. Aaron actually set up the NSA attack, and shoots Flores after McGarrett warns him. 



Hawaii Five-0
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