The Gang's All Here - Heels
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Tom Spade is jogging, and afterward, he fixes things around the house, including hanging a sign to Carol's Garden.

He seems to be a man's man.

He goes to his room and gets a gun, exits the house, and blows his brains out on the stoop.

Ace finds him.

Bobby works as a bouncer at the strip club. He's wrestling Ace, and he's so excited that he's calling his parents about being on the ticket.

Jack calls Rick aka Ricky Rabies about his match. Rick is calling from the toilet.

Ace is practicing his speech to the audience in a mirror.

Crystal thinks his speech is too positive, but Jack wouldn't change a thing.

Jack and Ace have a good talk, and Jack apologizes. He also wonders if Ace understands what it's like to work for a corporate group vs their smaller venue where he's the star.

Willie tells Jack that Eddie Earl is waiting for him. When they walk to his office, Willie and he disagree about how the audience will see Ace after crying in the ring.

Eddie is a patron and religious fellow. Eddie says if Jack wants to improve their business relationship, he should consider doing what Tom did -- a commercial. And then he makes Jack sing the song.

Everyone is getting ready for the show.

Rooster isn't pleased that Bobby is wrestling Ace. Seems like he wants to be the one in the ring with Ace.

Ace is angry that Ricky Rabies will be the main draw. Crystal, meanwhile, still wants him to be a heel.

Staci is entertaining out-of-town friends, and when dinner is over, the waiter talks wrestling. Staci hasn't told her friends about Jack's participation, but the gang wants to go.

Bobby plays a trick on Rooster with Smirnoff Ice that backfires. Rooster needs to talk to Jack, but he's not sure that Jack's interested in listening.

Ricky's valet gives Crystal pointers.

Rooster decides to ask Jack to talk just as Ace is getting into the ring, and Jack rebuffs him.

Ace's speech sounded a lot better in the mirror. People call him a cry baby, and he acts inappropriately, allowing the people to get to him when he most needs to turn on the audience.

Jack realizes how wrong he was to do what he did, but he has faith that Ace will get it back. Instead, Ace walks out of the ring. Jack sends Bobby out, but it's too late.

Jack and Ace rip into each other about everything, including heels and faces, and Jack says that Tom knew Ace was home.

Ace is breaking down. Crystal checks on him, closing the door and locking it. They have sex.

Without a word, she gets dressed and leaves him in the room.

Jack and Rooster finally catch up. Jack says he needed Bobby because he's nobody and can be whatever was needed for the story. Rooster is a personality and has tons of raw talent. He's the best they've got. And, he'll have his shot at the belt when it's right for the story.

When Jack comes out, Staci tries to dip out, but her friends are like, "Is that Jack? Is he the bad guy? God, he's so fuckin' hot."

Ricky Rabies and his family come into the dome with a drone that looks like an opossum. It's filled with blood, and it drops on Jack's face, and Ricky takes advantage to gain the upper hand.

It's exactly what the crowd loves.

Wild Bill is on TMZ with his dick flapping in the breeze. Rooster thinks it's hilarious.

Rooster tells Ace he can never be a face. He cried in the ring.

Jack and Ricky finish their match with Jack winning. Outside the ring, Jack's searching for Ace.

Jack sends Bobby into the ring with the idea he'll fight him himself. But Ace gets in there.

Everyone is watching the match from inside. Ace tells Bobby that he's calling this show, and to shut the fuck up and follow his lead.

Ace goes full heel, allowing Bobby to have a moment.

It worked. A heel was born. Crystal is thrilled, and everyone backstage sees magic.

Poc embraces Bobby.

The problem is that Ace goes full heel out of the ring, too. Slamming into Crystal and calling Willie a bitch. He's a heel now, he says to Jack while crying.

It was a great night for sales. Willie is skeptical about Jack's play for Ace, but he thinks that Ace will see it eventually.

Ricky's valet isn't his wife. She says some relationships are unconventional.

Staci's friends think what she has is great. She's got a full life.

Bobby has put a Smirnoff Ice into Rooster's car. Rooster laughs. They're becoming friends.

Willie gets home to Wild Bill in her yard. He fucked up really bad.

Bobby calls his daddy from the water tower. He's so excited for his performance and thanks his parents for supporting him and loving him.

Jack and Staci are driving home. Staci is burping. She wants to go to Machu Pichu. Next month.

Staci is unsatisfied, and Jack doesn't understand why. Her friends get to leave.

Ace is at his daddy's grave.

Jack is either trying to understand his dad and what he did or he's beginning to understand.

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Heels Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Ace: Hey. What's it mean when your boots are unscuffed again?
Jack: It means they're a bad partner in the ring. Don't be.

Hey, grateful to have you. You were a big draw when we were kids.