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Wild Bill is at an executive meeting where the powers that be are revealing a new belt. He thinks it's ridiculous. It's more a toy than a belt.

He's being sidelined after his penis fiasco.

On the plane to Ohio, Bill swills alcohol and mixes it with pills. He visits the lavatory and emerges with his cape, the belt, and buck ass naked, penis flapping in the aisles.

That was his big fiasco. Now, he's in Willie's pond. Her house is incredible.

There's a fire at Jack's house. It's in Thomas' room. Jack tries to put it out with a blanket, but he needs the fire extinguisher. He gets it out.

Willie's husband's name is Ted. She's got a daughter, too.

The firemen think that squirrels ate through the wiring. Staci thinks that they need to rewire the entire house.

They have to stay at grandma's.

Crystal is cutting hair.

Bobby wants Crystal's help determining who he should be in the ring. He writes rap lyrics and accompanying music. She doesn't see rap when she sees Bobby and the ring.

Jack and Willie want to turn their historical catalog into digital content so that people can take the DWL with them anywhere they go. Eddie Earl isn't interested in taking things to the next level.

Jack wants to expand their fan base, but Eddie's pawn shop doesn't need expanse.

Jack says Eddie isn't showing any faith in the family he's known for a long time.

Jack wonders why Willie is allowing Bill to stay with her. He doesn't want Bill anywhere near him.

Staci is getting advice from Carol at the grocery store.

Crystal has helped Bobby become Bobby 85. Nostalgia factor.

Ace visits a bar where the bartender thinks he's hot. Bill is there in the bathroom boozin.

Bill talks Ace into staying for a game of play. He wonders where the passion and anger are now that he's a heel.

Ace cannot believe that they didn't fire Bill. I have a feeling they did.

Bill disparages Jack, saying he's meant to stay in this small town shithole, unlike him and Ace.

Bill picks a fight with the guys they're playing against. Ace is so uncomfortable. The two guys aren't really into this. The little one is scared shitless. Bill seems like a lunatic.

Bill thinks Ace has what Tom had. Tom played nice for the crowd but had a vicious side.

The family has to wait for Ace to eat.

When Thomas prays for everyone in heaven, Carol launches into a diatribe about hell and where granddad is because he killed himself.

A couple of little kids ask Bobby and Crystal for selfies. Crystal abstains, and watching Bobby, she realizes he'll be a good hero.

Ace is really good with Thomas. He assures Thomas that nobody knows what happens after you die. Just nod. Sometimes a nod is just a way to end a conversation you want to stop having.

Jack wants Ace to learn how to separate Ace the character from Ace the person because when you're starting out, it's easier said than done.

Bill gets the call. They're letting him go.

Bobby pumps up Crystal. She's super talented and should be gettin' a push even if she doesn't want to be in the spotlight and make a fuss.

Crystal thinks Bobby should be Bobby Pin. Bobby, but a little less Liberace.

They're shooting a promo, bad guy on good guy. Crystal is part of the bad guy schtick.

Everyone is super pumped and decides to go again. After he cleans up, Ace apologizes to Crystal. She has to work, and it's unclear if she's eager to get involved again.

As they get ready to go home, Staci reaches out to Carol. They've never really talked, and she hopes they can do that sometimes and get to know each other.

Carol says that Tom never let her drive to the point that she doesn't even know what to do in the car anymore. She thinks that anger is more useful than grief. She gets mad talking about the past.

Bill says that Jack is the reason that Tom killed himself and then berated Willie for marrying Ted and having a kid she hates. He should have paid for that abortion, too. She begins swinging.

Ted kicks Bill out in the morning.

Ace goes to see Crystal and finds Bill and her jumping on the trampoline together. Ace never goes over.

Bobby wants to take Crystal for ice cream again, but she doesn't think it's a good idea. When he goes to his bronco later, it's been keyed.

The sound of that gunshot still haunts ace. Carol says that sadness doesn't deserve their attention. He disagrees. He needs to listen to it and sort through it. He knows that she stopped smiling well before Tom killed himself, and if she took the time to answer that question, she might be well on her way to being happy again.

Staci got a job at the grocery store. She doesn't want to wind up like Carol. She needs to make decisions on her own, and she needs his support.

He wants her to be happy, so if she wants to work, then she should work.

Ace screws Scarlett Jo playing the bad guy role. He talks about his dad afterward. He's trying to hold it together. She wants to screw again.

Jack finds Bill attacking the ice machine. Bill's glasses fall off in the melee. Bill's drinking whiskey like it's water.

Later, Bill gets onto the roof, screaming for the entire motel to wake the fuck up.


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Heels Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Scarlett Jo: You need a trim down there, Bill.
Bill: They don't call me Wild Bill for nothin'. I got untamed pubes.

[to Thomas] Pajama pants and cowboy boots are a good look on you.