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Cult members are seen working peacefully in the orchards. They are soon enveloped by a swarm of bees, but only Brother Travis gets stung.

The next day, after coming down with the same nasty symptoms as those on the boat, Travis murders a pregnant woman.

Not far away, Peter is seen texting on a satphone. The person on the other end instructs him to watch Alan closely and report back.

Thirty years in the future, Julia finds herself strapped to a wheelchair with an IV by her delusional father. She reminds him she's infected, but Hatake assures her the disease is not important. Should a man in his state of mind be trusted?

Peter wakes Alan who's lying in a field after having his head bashed in with a bat by his brother last week.

Elsewhere, Brother Michael visits Kyle to apologize for the children attacking him. The very straight-shooting young doctor tells Michael he thinks the man brainwashed the kids into doing his dirty work. Naturally, the cult leader laughs off his claim.

Sarah arrives to walk with Kyle to the lab. Brother Michael stares at her and asks if the two of them have met before. I'd remember that, she says.

Though Soren's still missing, the corpse of Travis soon appears with spore protruding from the mouth. The doctor's now have a body to work with.

During the autopsy, Kyle spots a bee's stinger. He comes to the conclusion the infection is insect borne. Kyle traces the virus back to the orchard and discovers a hive and honey oozing from a wall. They little creatures are not carriers; it's in the honey.

Brother Michael gathers everyone in the dining hall to discuss the recent tragedies. He loses his temper and it becomes clear that's not all he's losing.  His flock is agitated and they're too worried to listen to reason. In private, Michael chats with his "three best girls" asking them to take care of things "discreetly." Sister Agnes slaps Sister Amy, blaming everything on her recklessness.

Thirty years in the future, Julia is about to be injected with a white substance. Daniel is upset Hatake has chosen Jules over him again canceling their fishing trip. She manages to convince her father to go with Daniel, leaving her free to plan an escape.

When Jules ultimately does get away, it leads to a brutal battle between father and daughter. Hatake is mortally wounded in the end and hands Julia his sword, apologizing for making her like him.

Rewind to the present, and we find Alan and Peter discussing Jules and the fact she was running Ilaria Corp. in Paris. We all know Peter's working for the immortals but he claims to not understand Ilaria's interest in the island. Alan says "Narvik, Mycrosis, they're all just symptoms of a bigger sickness; immortals are the real plague."

He also hints that his brother is the one responsible for knocking him out but Peter laughs it off. Alan later follows his brother and overhears a conversation with Sergio Balleseros, now an Ilaria bigwig. He gives Peter instructions for what to do next.

In the future, a dying Hatake returns to his cabin and holds hands with the corpses of his loved ones. Is Hatake truly gone?

While in the present, Sarah is stabbed in the belly with a knife by Soren's unstable mother. What will happen to her baby?

A wounded Julia is heard humming her father's song.


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Helix Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I need you three to handle the matter discretely. I'm trusting you, my three best girls.

Brother Michael

Kyle: Those kids had no rash, no jaundice, no physical signs of the pathogen whatsoever. And none of them remembers a damn thing.
Brother Michael: I saw a boy attacking his own mother. What else could explain such violent behavior?
Kyle: They were under the influence of something; not the pathogen. For my money, you brainwashed those poor kids.