Watch Helix Season 2 Episode 2 online to see how the CDC team deals with a sick child. Meanwhile, in the future, Walker and Caleb dig up Alan's grave and discover a secret map.

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Watch Helix Season 2 Episode 2 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to learn exactly what Julia and Caleb unearth from Alan's grave. In the present day, Alan wakes reliving the murders of several immortals he dispatched in his search for Julia. Before he killed her, one of his victims hands over an Ilaria jump drive. The information on this drive leads Alan to St. Germaine Island. Sarah spots Alan from her window and decides to go after him. Unfortunately, she bumps into an infected cult member on the way. During service, Brother Michael talks of their way of life. "We surrendered ourselves to a simple life. And by the loss of the self, we became truly individuals" Brother Michael says. Soon, an infected little boy enters the room looking for his mother. He ends up attacking the poor woman. During the confusion, Sarah and Alan look into each other's eyes. Sarah shares what she's learned with Peter and Kyle. They recommend locking the place down, and Brother Michael was very cooperative. Going so far as to provide his botany lab and quarantine area. Still, the cult leader did know Brother Isaac was infected. Thirty years in the future Julia and Caleb dig up Alan's grave and discover those are not his bones. The bones belonged to several people and there were three hip bones, one of which contained carvings. Caleb later tells Julia its a map, but he can only take her so far. In the present, Sarah works to collect samples, while Peter and Kyle go in search of Brother Isaac in the underground tunnels. Peter flashes back to his own infection at Arctic BioSystems. Sarah eventually confesses to Peter that Alan is on the island. "Why would Ilaria be interested in some crackpot isolationist cult? And why would my brother be investigating them?" Peter asked. Though he warns Sarah to stay clear of Alan, she encounters him in the orchards. He warns her to get off the island using the same two finger signal Peter used last season. In the end, the boy appears miraculously cured. Though seemingly cured, one of the Brothers leaves him outside the gates to be taken by whatever lives out there. In the future, Julia discovers a boy's bones in the jungle. Sarah sneaks into Alan's room and she tells him that she is still pregnant. "I've been pregnant for the last 15 months" she tells him. The fetus stopped aging when Sarah became immortal.

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On Helix Season 2 Episode 2, the CDC team investiages the island, Jordan thinks something is not right at the Abbey and Walker and Caleb make a baffling discovery.

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Helix Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

We surrendered ourselves to a simple life. And by the loss of the self, we became truly individuals. We are free to simply... be.

Brother Michael

Please help us figure out a way to stop this.

Brother Michael