Beauty with a Guitar
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Alice goes down to Memphis Christian to video tape their practice. She is caught by a security guard, so she gives him a story to allow her to keep her tape. Back at Lancer, she shows the video to the Hellcats who worry about the competition. Vanessa tells the squad that worrying about MC will not get them prepared for their bid video, so the Hellcats hit the mats for practice.

Some of the squad goes to brunch at the pub where Marti’s mom works at. She says she is up for a promotion if she can through an event that brings in more people than her co-workers events do. Marti and some of the squad volunteer to help her with her open mic night.

Lewis invites Marti to a jazzfest concert as a date and she blows him off telling him she is swamped with school work. While working on the open mic night preparations, Marti’s mom tells her that she needs to open up, that she hasn't dated in two years and she should give Lewis a chance.

Dan and Savannah go to brunch and have a run in with her parents and sister. Savannah introduces Dan as her boyfriend catching him off guard. Her father invites them to dinner and Savannah is very excited. Dan confronts Savannah about the boyfriend comment and explains that although he hasn't seen anyone since they started hanging out, he isn't comfortable being in an exclusive relationship and would rather keep it casual. Savannah is hesitant but says she is ok with the situation. Marti warns Dan that he better not hurt her roommate.

Lewis catches Alice taking the pills she got from the quarterback. She tells him she will flush the pills if he helps her practice. She just doesn't feel comfortable with her new base.  Lewis agrees to help her and they have a practice session. While practicing, Alice kisses Lewis. He tells her that he doesn't want to get back together. She agrees but says that they can still have fun with no strings attached. They start making out.

Marti goes to see Lewis and tells him that she has thought about the offer and she would like to go out with him. She asks him to go check out a band after the open mic night. Back at the pub, Marti argues with her mom about the event and tells her she is done helping. She heads home and posts the information online to spread the word about the event.

Dan and Savannah head to her parents for dinner. Everything is going well and Dan is making quite the impression with his smooth talking. Savannah’s mom talks with her daughter in the kitchen telling her that she does miss her and apologizes for being so harsh. She says that her and Savannah’s father have talked and they are ok with Savannah continuing to attend Lancer and cheer for the Hellcats but they want her to move back home and date appropriate boys. Savannah argues back and her mother warns her that if she leaves it is done. Savannah leaves anyway. After dinner, Dan says it was a little strange that she disowned her parents for him. Savannah explains that it wasn't really about him and she understands their casual relationship. She invites him but he tells her an excuse that it is late and he should get home.

Lewis goes to the gym to see Alice and explain that he is done with their relationship and helping her practice for the bid video. She asks him if this is about Marti and he says no. Alice yells to Lewis that she is in love with him and that is why she has been taking the pills. Lewis walks out on her and she chucks a bottle at him, shattering nearby glass. Vanessa sees the confrontation and demands they go to her office now. Lewis didn't give up any details but Vanessa seems aware of Alice’s situation. She explains to her that she has to move on from Lewis and the pill taking stops now or she will be drug tested. Alice will not be able to fly in the bid video.

Dan is out with another girl named Rosalie and promptly gets up to leave to go see Savannah. She tells him that she lied to him, saying she was ok with being in a casual relationship and it has to be all or nothing. Dan tells her that he is ok with being exclusive and that he cant promise everything will be perfect but he is going to try.

There is a great turnout for Wanda’s open mic night. Alice is with the quarterback and lets him know she is done with Lewis and looking for a rebound guy. Lewis sees them leaving together. Marti asks Lewis if he still wants to hang out later and he explains that he has to understand his situation with Alice before he can move on. Marti is happy that he is honest with her. She then gets on stage to perform singing and playing the guitar. She gives a great performance that everyone really enjoys.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Where I'm standing, you couldn't get much better.

Lewis [to Marti]

You don't achieve perfection by worrying what the competition is doing.