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This two-hour episode of Heroes could easily have been 10 minutes. Very little happened. Let's recap the installment character by character...

Hiro and Ando: The latter interprets the former's babblings as some sort of code. As Hiro rambles on about "Dr. Watson" and some castle, Ando realizes Hiro means they must go to Florida. Seriously. That was the pair's entire storyline and they were on screen for mere minutes.

HRG: He's in yet another fight with Claire because she found out about fake Nathan and how Sylar killed her dad a long time ago. In his attempt to learn more about the carnival, HRG captures Edgar and seems to extract information from him. Edgar tells HRG and his gorgeous former partner about his exile from the carnival and about how Samuel killed Joseph. But just as he seems to be on HRG's side, Edgar takes issue to HRG's plan to break up the carnival, steals HRG's map of where the carnival is located and vanishes.

Claire: She quickly realizes the carnival is a strange place. She sneaks into Samuel's trailer and sees he has a box full of information about her friends. Why does he wish to round everyone up? Claire even confronts Samuel about this, but doesn't really get an answer. Instead, he takes her to a field where some new dude with abilities - named Ian, who Samuel recruited with the help of Emma, who he befriended and sweet talked for awhile - turns dirt into grass. This is where their new lives will be, Samuel says. Claire, being an utter moron, suddenly seems to like the carnival again.

Peter: He's having major issues mourning Nathan. Instead of crying or opening up to anyone, Peter leaves Nathan's wake and heads to the scene of a crime. Claire (somehow) follows him there. At the scene, Peter tries to talk down a man that show his co-workers. But he fails and the man shoots Peter. Outside the building, though, Peter absorbs Claire's healing power and is quickly recovered.

Sylar: He shows up at the carnival and tries to kill Samuel, but his power doesn't work suddenly. Samuel says this is because Sylar is scared to die along and in search of answers. He suggests remaining at the carnival, but Sylar doesn't believe that's his destiny. He has Samuel go the tattoo route to find out just what that destiny is. When Samuel injects ink into Sylar's body, it forms the face of Claire.

The episode ends with Sylar hovering outside Claire's window and uttering the words to himself: Hello, Cheerleader.

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