Homeland Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Parabiosis

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Sometimes an optimistic viewpoint wins, even on Homeland.

On the very aptly titled Homeland Season 5 Episode 6, "Parabiosis," Quinn was saved by the gentleman who was following him on Homeland Season 5 Episode 5 after he was given a blood transfusion and other caring medical treatment.

While Quinn's life was saved, so was Carrie's, thanks to Saul's change of heart after he realized what she told him about the Russians was as true as the tail the CIA has on him. It really wasn't the best day for Saul.

Heading to Düring - Homeland

We're at midseason, and the action took a rest. It's sort of a breathing point, while things settle in for the second half of Homeland Season 5. That's alright. It's nice to catch your breath once in a while. 

The stranger who followed Quinn was really doing a good deed. That he just so happened to manage the house where a Muslim terrorist resided who happened to be released was pure coincidence. He told the terrorist he was caring for Quinn because, "Whoever wants to go to heaven should honor their guests." What a nice guy. 

On top of showing that not all Muslim terrorists in the midst of Jihad are bad guys, the segment showed Quinn is still on top of his game even when close to death. He stopped a big operation in Berlin. That's pretty cool. It was also nice to see a stranger go to all the trouble to help him. Hopefully he doesn't get caught in the crossfire.

If Quinn had told everyone in the house he was a spy, the story probably wouldn't have had the same happy ending. It's doubtful they'd welcome him with open arms if they had seen him killing Jihadist recruiters just weeks earlier. 

Heck, look how easily friendships can be torn asunder. Saul didn't want to listen to Carrie, even when she was speaking the truth. But the spy in him couldn't take even the idea that she may be right and just toss it aside. Once you're told you may be being followed, you start to pay attention. Then the truth comes tumbling out.

It's surprising Dar Adal chose to trust Allison over Saul. The two men have been through so much, especially in recent years. It's hard to believe Dar would be using something that happened 19 years ago as his barometer to gauge Saul and his willingness to cover up a terrorist act by Israel. But nothing else makes immediate sense. Dar also pointed at his relationship with Allison as means not to trust Saul, but trusting Allison instead of Saul while she's in the same relationship hardly seems wise.

Saul did with the computer tech from which he got the documents something similar that happens on the Agent X series premiere that is getting panned by critics (personally, I loved it and thought it was a lot of fun). Kind of a bait and switch move which makes the guy look like an idiot for leaving his station open and available for Saul to take the docs. That should never have happened.

Trusting Otto was the way to go with the flash drive, and Saul knew Carrie well enough to know that when she couldn't trust him, Otto would be her next choice. Otto didn't let her down.

During all of this, Carrie was deleting her life on her cell phone and preparing to disappear for good.

Otto: Carrie, what is the problem?
Carrie: I am. I am the problem, and I have this opportunity now to just go away and take the problems with me.

She can get a little dramatic, and she was really down on herself after Jonas gave her a verbal beating and Saul rejected her. Otto tried to get her to snap out of it, but she just wanted to disappear. She's obviously back on her meds, but even on meds, when things get a bit too rough, you can still sink a bit. She was sinking.

The timing of it kind of annoyed me, because she lost her lifeline to Frannie just as Saul was coming to her aid. Again, dramatic effect and all that. It physically hurt seeing her delete the photos of her girl knowing she wasn't going to have to cut her ties with Frannie after all. Granted, she can get more, and they're not gone forever, but still. Harsh.

I watched this installment before air, so I don't have the benefit of a trailer to speak about. What's going to happen to Saul? He's probably going to be considered some sort of traitor until Carrie can prove something about the Russians, and perhaps Allison in particular. Like he saved her, Carrie will have to save Saul. Surely she's going to meet again with Quinn, and they'll do it together.

The pieces are all laid out to move forward into the second half of the season. We know who can be trusted and who cannot. Now it's time to assemble the pieces so we can understand the whole story. This is where it gets interesting.

Were you surprised Quinn was being followed by a truly good person? Happy Saul came around? What's next for Dar and Allison? Hit the comments!

Parabiosis Review

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Shut up about these documents! About these...Who cares about these goddamned documents?! Quinn walked out that door, bleeding to death, to protect you, Carrie, does that not register?


Saul: You need to get your head out of your ass about the goddamned Israelis.
Dar: Why? Because you say so?
Saul: No, because it was Russians.