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Quinn is sitting in the dark in his basement apartment, listening to Alex Jones on the radio full blast. Cut to Franny, who is listening at the basement door when Carrie catches her and chastises her for snooping. She explains that Peter Quinn is going to be staying with them for a while.

Franny leaves for school and Carrie tries to to go downstairs to give Quinn his anti-seizure medication, but he has locked the door. Carrie goes out the back entrance and tries to talk to Quinn through the glass on the back door of the basement. Without looking up, Quinn throws a mug in Carrie's direction and breaks the window. Carrie reaches in through the broken glass and unlocks the door and proceeds to lecture Quinn on the need to take his medicine. Max arrives to look after Quinn while Carrie's at work. 

Meanwhile, Carrie and Reda visit Sekou in prison and press him regarding where he got the $5,000 the FBI found under his mattress. Sekou explains that his friend Saad Massoud gave it to him as a loan to help pay for travel expenses for their family trip to Nigeria; he also admits that Saad wanted him to meet someone during his trip abroad. Carrie and Reda explain that the FBI is accusing Sekou of providing material support to terrorism, a very serious charge. 

Back at Carrie's house, Max bring Quinn a tray of canned products (at Quinn's request) and tries to get him to take his medicine. He asks Quinn why he's giving Carrie such a hard time. 

Carrie and Reda get information on Saad's whereabouts from Sekou's sister, Simone, who had been dating him secretly. Carrie calls Max to enlist his help in finding Saad. Max discovers that Saad is working for the FBI.  

Saul visits Carrie at her office and confronts her with his suspicion that she's been advising the president-elect. Carrie denies it. 

Dar meets president elect's chief of staff Rob Hemmis and informs him that the Iranians are cheating on the nuclear deal, running a parallel program outside the country. 

Quinn leaves the house and Max follows him to a nearby bodega. Quinn has a seizure and the paramedics arrive, but he refuses to go to the hospital. He tells Max not to tell Carrie what happened.

Carrie and Reda try to convince a judge to call Saad to testify, but the court refuses since he is an FBI informant. Carrie confronts Conlin about having entrapped Sekou with the $5,000. The prosecution presents Sekou with a settlement offer of 7 years. When Reda and Carrie inform Sekou, he gets angry and has to be led away by a prison guard. 

Carrie attends a secret meeting with Keane. She has been advising her on national security. Hemmis and Keane inform Carrie of Dar's claim of a parallel Iranian nuclear program. Israel is going to pick up the alleged financier in Abu Dhabi for questioning and Carrie suggests they send Saul Berenson to oversee the questioning. 

Dar and Saul meeting again. Dar has pictures of Carrie meeting with Keane, but when Saul tells him he met with Carrie and she denied working for Keane, Dar chooses not to show him the pictures. Dar tells Saul that Keane wants him to travel to Abu Dhabi to oversee the operation.

Against Reda's advice, Carrie questions Saad directly and gets him to admit that Conlin put him up to frame Sekou and that Sekou is not a terrorist. 

Carrie returns home. She checks in on Quinn and the two have an emotional conversation. 

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Homeland Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Carrie: Getting answers from people who'd rather not say, that's something I'm good at.
Reda: He's off limits... We have a court order. Tell me you heard me?
Carrie: Yeah, I heard you.

Rob Hemmis: She's not even president yet. Why not give her a chance?
Dar Adal: Presidents don't get chances; they get tested.