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Quinn and Carrie have an emotional confrontation when Quinn accuses her of causing his stroke. She tries to explain what happened, but he won't listen. He gives Carrie instructions on how to get into the flag house to find Sekou's van and leaves to track down the man in the hat. 

When Carrie goes into the flag house, the man in the hat attacks her. Quinn shows up and brutally kills him, with a distraught Carrie watching. 

Carrie presses Quinn to tell her what's going on and he tells her that the man killed Astrid. Quinn feels responsible for Astrid's death. Carrie tries to comfort him, but he refuses to hear her. 

Meanwhile, Saul presents Keane with evidence that Dar and O'Keefe have been colluding on the propaganda campaign to discredit her. Following Saul's advice, Keane appears on O'Keefe's show and calls him and the conspirators out. 

When Keane and Saul return to her hotel headquarters, angry protesters have gathered in the street. 

Back at Onyx, Max is questioned by Dar, but refuses to cooperate. Later, Dar asks Max for help in hacking into O'Keefe's computer to find out what he was working on pertaining to Quinn. Max finds a website and a series of posts by someone impersonating Quinn under the handle Toxic Soldier, whose main preoccupation is the president elect. 

The FBI gather evidence at the flag house while Carrie negotiates with the solicitor general for an immunity deal for Quinn. Carrie and Quinn deduce that the special ops team that was in the house are heading for an assignment in New York City.

Worried, Carrie walks out of the house to call PEOTUS's staff. Before she can warn them of the danger, the garage in the flag house explodes, destroying all the evidence. 

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Homeland Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

CARRIE: What’s that supposed to mean? I don’t care? I don’t care so much I visited you in the hospital every day? I don’t care so much I took you into my home? I lost my daughter? I don’t care so much I fucking dropped everything when your hooker girlfriend showed up out of the blue and said you needed me?
QUINN: You had no choice!
CARRIE: Oh believe me I did.
QUINN: You owe me!
CARRIE: Why’s that?
QUINN: Because you made me this way! It’s always your mission, your mission, your mission! [throws object angrily]

CARRIE: At least I understand now what happened here.
QUINN: You don’t. This [pointing to dead body] is what I do.
CARRIE: Don’t even say that.
QUINN: It’s all I can do.
QUINN: Because there’s nothing here [pointing to his heart], there never was.
CARRIE: Shut the fuck up! [more calmly] You changed after the stroke. We both know it and I am so, so sorry what I did to you.
QUINN: You didn’t do anything. I’ve always been this way.