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Quinn tracks the mystery hat guy to an old safe house he and his black ops team used to meet at. In a flashback, Quinn remembers he and his team being briefed on their next mission by General McClendon. He discovers a Medina Medley van in the garage. Quinn sets up surveillance in an empty house across the street and sends a message to Carrie to meet him there. 

On her way to her deposition, the driver tells Carrie she better call to confirm her appointment to see Franny. Carrie asks him how he knows about that, but he drives away. As she is getting sworn in for her statement, Carrie changes her mind and abruptly leaves. She figured out that Dar Adal is behind Franny's removal by CPS and she calls the driver to tell him Dar wins. All she wants is to see her daughter.

Meanwhile, Max sees Dar talking to O'Keefe at the mysterious building where O'Keefe is running a propaganda mill. He takes a video on his phone and emails it to Carrie, but he is caught with his phone and escorted out. 

Saul prepares to leave the country. He fears humiliation when the news gets out about the breach in the Berlin station. When he meets Mira to tell her he's leaving, she calls him out on running away instead of doing what's right. 

Saul decides to stay and goes to Carrie's house to let her know. She's not home, so he breaks in. He follows a beeping noise to her bedroom and discovers that the walls are covered in articles and Carrie's been making connections trying to figure out who's behind the conspiracy. He opens her laptop and sees the video Max sent of Dar and O'Keefe. 

Carrie goes to Quinn's hideout and he shows her who is across the street. It's the man who was watching her. She is shocked. 

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Homeland Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

MAX: Listen to me, Carrie. Somebody is paying O’Keefe a shitload of money to build a massive domestic propaganda machine. And if this somebody is DOD, or NSA, or Dar Adal, he’s breaking about ten federal laws. Plus, this isn’t just about fake news and manipulating public opinion, it’s about stifling dissent.
CARRIE: If this is Dar Adal, I’m about to bring the roof down on his head.

Tell Dar Adal he wins. Now I want to see my daughter.