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Carrie explains to a court-appointed therapist why she brought Quinn into her home. Later, she is happy to learn CPS has approved a visit between her and Franny. 

Dar meets with Keane, who asks him for a list of possible candidates for secretary of state. She is ready to consider sanctions against Iran for their violation of the nuclear agreement.

Later, Dar thanks Javadi for his help, but betrays him by turning him over to Israeli intelligence. Javadi places a call to Carrie, allowing her and Saul to trace the call back to his hotel room. They find his cell phone and are able to show Keane the video of Nafisi's confession. 

When Keane tries to continue to play Dar by acting as his ally, she gets made. Dar leaves without giving her the names she had asked for. 

Keane and the solicitor general press Carrie to issue and affidavit regarding the breach in the Berlin station. This is the only way to bring Dar down. Carrie hesitates because it would bring down Saul, as well. Keane promises Saul immunity. 

When Carrie presents Saul with Keane's offer, he is furious at Carrie's betrayal. 

Meanwhile, Max goes undercover at the mysterious tech company that Conlin had investigated. It turns out, they are running a fake news mill.

Quinn goes into action mode, stealing a bunch of guns and heading to Dar's house to confront him about the assassination attempt on him. Dar denies involvement. Later, Dar calls the assassin on an open line, allowing Quinn to trace the call.

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Homeland Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

[Quinn] nearly died last year in Berlin and I managed to save him. But… [getting emotional] the way he’s been acting the past few months, it’s as if he wants to finish the job. So I brought him into our home because I can’t go through that again. I can’t lose another one.


QUINN: You tried to kill me. [pointing gun at Dar]
DAR: I would never hurt you, Peter. You know that.
QUINN: I don’t.
DAR: I got you out of lock-up.
QUINN: So you knew where I was.
DAR: In a safe place. That was the point. My God, I flew Astrid in all the way from Berlin to take care of you.
QUINN: Astrid is dead.
DAR: Listen to me, we can figure this out together [walks towards Quinn], like we always have.
DAR: I raised you Peter. You are my child. More than that. I would never hurt you. Never. I love you. That’s the God’s honest truth.