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The most recent episode of House focused as much as ever on personal issues, as opposed to the case of the week (which dealt with a special education teacher that was coughing up blood; eventually, House determined... that something was wrong with her. Really not the point of the episode).

Let's take a look at how "Big Baby" affected the lives of various characters:

Cameron was placed in charge of House and his team. Cuddy needed more time to spend with her daughter, so the job of saying yes or nor to House fell on his former student. She tried her best to play along, to determine how to handle the prickly doctor, but in the end, she went to Cuddy and quit. Her reasoning:

She'll never be able to say no to House; and pretty much anyone else will ALWAYS say no. Only one person was actually right for this job: Cuddy.

Cuddy, meanwhile, had a huge problem of her own: she felt nothing for Rachel. Despite Wilson's attempts to convince Cuddy that she'd get over this initial lack of attachment to her foster child, Cuddy came very close to giving the little girl away.

Late in the episode, though, she bonded with her crying kid and realized that a connection was there, after all. She even brought the tyke in to work and, for a moment at least, House seemed to get along with the baby. Amazing.

Speaking of getting along, Foreman and Thirteen are doing very well throughout this episode. So well, in fact, that Foreman has a dangerous idea: he discovered last week that Thirteen was taking the placebo medication during the trail for Huntington's Disease. Wanting his new girlfriend to live a long, happy life, Foreman asks the advice of Chase and House regarding whether or not he should switch the meds.

Both pretty much say this is a terrible idea, but Foreman appears to be in love. He can't help himself. Near the end of the hour, we see him making the switch.

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House Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Kutner: Cameron's in charge?
Thirteen: When did that happen.?
Kutner: You're going to destroy her, aren't you?
House: I am going to do my job. If that involves leaving her a rotting pulp...

House: So why are you here?
Dr. Cameron: Because Dr. Cuddy is not here. She's decided to spend some more time at home with the baby for a while. I'm taking over some of her day-to-day responsibilities, like babysitting you.
House: Interesting. You have your whole life ahead of you, so why would Cuddy want you to die so young?
Dr. Cameron: She figured I' spent three years working for you. I was inoculated.
House: Good. Fun. You get to exercise your newfound power, I squirm under your thumb, resent the student becoming the teacher, and then push comes to shove, and we all get to realize what our real roles should be. Then you put out.
Dr. Cameron: That's why I took the job.