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Similar to an earlier episode that focused on Wilson, this hour made Cuddy the center of attention.

At times, it tried too hard to drive home the point that her day was stressful and her personality tough, but overall it was a great showcase for Lisa Edelstein and a nice departure from the show's typical format.

We saw Cuddy deal with life as a single mother, waking up at 5 and trying Yoga before being called away by her daughter. We saw her deny a patient treatment because it wasn't in the best interests of the hospital. And we saw her take a bold, possible professionally suicidal stance with an insurance company.

The coolest part of the episode was watching her interactions with House from Cuddy's perspective. Typically, of course, we're aware of what House's day is like when we see these two chat. This time, we got to understand how our favorite doctor can be both helpful and a source of frustration for the head adminstrator.

By the conclusion of the episode, Cuddy has won her battle with the insurance company and was even seen in a new, tougher light by House for standing up for herself and the hospital.

This was one of those installments where plot details were pretty much irrelevent; the goal was simply to show us how a different character than usual functions and it most definitely accomplished that.

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I don't care how interesting it is. You are not infecting him with malaria.


Lucas: It says emergency page.
Cuddy: Ignore it.
Lucas: Sweet.