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This week's theme was simple: How well do we really know someone?

The patient of the week was a blogger who believe we're sometimes closer to those we don't know because you can be more honest with someone that doesn't see you. Her boyfriend disagreed with this thesis. As usual, she was diagnosed with a fatal disease and pretty much given an immediate death sentence... until House had a revelation and determined her actual diagnosis.

A reason he couldn't do it sooner was because the patient, played by Laura Prepon, wasn't as honest with her blogger as she claimed. She didn't discuss her bowel movements with them (seriously), but House still came to the proper conclusion in time.

As for his own mysterious life, Wilson learned that House was reading a book of religious prayers and lessons... written by his biological father! House tried to blow this off, but Wilson told his pal that he understood. He wanted to see if there was any kind of connection to his real dad because House feels alone. No one really knows him and House was hoping his birth father might.

Also: Chase wondered if Cameron only loved him because he was good looking and the pair were in close proximity to each other. Thirteen helped diffuse this belief and shared a nice moment with Chase. We hope the show isn't setting up these two as new love interests for each other.

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House Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Wilson: Who rents porn anymore? Can't you get this stuff on the Internet?
House: You can. But you can't get the director's cut.

Wilson: What are you doing tonight?
House: Masturbating. I'd invite you, but people are already talking.