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Has House really changed? He actually acted like a nice human being tonight, but in a very House way, of coures. First, let's talk about the patient of the week:

He was a college football player that flipped out on the field, bashing his own head in with a helmet. The doctors, of course, had trouble diagnosing him, but he insisted in playing in a game in front of scouts because he wanted to succeed for his biggest fan: his mother.

But after Foreman - who would learn his own lesson about family after this - followed the guy to his game, he had to take him back to the hospital because he couldn't even stand up without getting dizzy. In the end, the football player discovered that he didn't need to make the NFL in order to make his mother proud.

Meannwhile, Foreman's brother Marcus got out of jail - and into the hospital, as House gave him a job as his assistant. This angered Foreman to no end, as he tried to explain that Marcus had been given numerous chances by their parents and always wound up stealing money for drugs. As House dug for information on Foreman, Wilson accused him of having nice motives. He said his friend was trying to help these two get close again by giving them a common enemy.

House denied this, but it was clearly true: he even told Foreman (in front of the group) that he knew his mother died a few months ago and he didn't tell anyone. At that secret-telling, Marcus quit, standing up for his brother. By the end of the episode, Foreman was at his doorstep and invited him to stay with him.

Also on a personal level: Wilson and House were under attack! There was an opossum in the bathtub, the apartment's sprinkler system went off. The culprit turned out to be Lucas, who was getting revenge on the guy that stole Cuddy's apartment.

It was nice to see him back to his underhanded ways, but Lucas has appeared so sporadically this season that it's hard to care one way or the other what he does exactly.

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House Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Taub: It's not porn.
House: Bummer.

Wilson: What are you doing?
House: Canoeing, but I seem to be taking on water.