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This episode's Patient of the Week had an unusual arrangement with her husband: an open marriage. This led to plenty of debate within the group, especially for Taub.

He's already cheated on his wife, of course, and has been flirting big time with a nurse. He actually broaches the topic of an open marriage with his wife, who is initially hurt and upset by the idea. But she later gives in to it because she wants Taub to be honest and wants to love him for who he is. She allows him to sleep with other women on Thursday nights only.

Taub is very excited by this, while Chase and Foreman are shocked. Thirteen pretty much thinks it's a good idea because it's better to be open than sneak around - and, hey, Taub is gonna have an affair anyway. As for the patient? As usual, the team can't determine her illness right away. She also receives bad news when she learns that her husband lost all their savings and they are behind on their health insurance. So much for an open, honest relationship, huh?

By the end of the episode, the couple has made up and House had figured out the cause of her pain. She'll be okay. But will Taub's marriage? His wife rescinds the offer because she can't bring herself to do it, and Taub seems fine with this. He doesn't wish to hurt her. But the hour then closes with him making out with the nurse and going home with her. Dude can't help himself.

Throughout the episode, House also can't help but try and get Wilson to stand up for himself. He does annoying stuff, such as place the milk on the door of the fridge instead of the shelf, in order to see if Wilson will blame Sam and let it slide. This leads to a big fight between Wilson and Sam, as they rehash issues from their marriage.

But it also then leads to a breakthrough for the couple. They apologize for how they were back in the day. At the end of the installment, they are content and happy... and House feels more alone than ever.

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House Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

House, on a list of your attributes, there's nothing that even rhymes with coy.


He's just trying to get into your skirts. And I don't mean metaphorically.