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House picks Thirteen up from prison and brings her to a spud gun competition.  The two bond, and House eventually discovers that Thirteen’s crime was euthanizing her own brother who suffered from Huntington’s disease.  House tells Thirteen he will kill her one day if she needs him too, and she agrees to start working for him again.  

Foreman cannot believe Taub’s skills with the women and finds out that Taub is still sleeping with his wife.  Taub and his wife decide that their new casual relationship works for them.

Masters identifies a new patient with a variety of health problems.  The team finds out during the course of their investigation that the man’s wife is a hoarder.  After curing the patient, the team needs Thirteen’s input to help cure the wife.   

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House Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Thirteen: You're married?!
House: You were gone so long. Green card.

Some puzzles are just too good to share.