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In tonight's format breaking episode, we begin with a mysterious bloody accident and an outsider brought in to interview the team to determine fault.  The outsider is played by Jeffrey Wright (Dr. Cofield) and throughout the hour, the audience begins to piece together what actually happened as House's practice and methods are placed under a microscope.

Turns out Dr. Cofield was purposely brought in by Foreman.  Cofield used to mentor him and Foreman is hopeful his allegiance to his former student might help him assign the blame of this accident elsewhere.  We come to find out through Taub, Park, Adams, House, and Foreman that Chase was stabbed by a patient in an accident that nearly killed him.  The episode centers on what led up to this accident and how it was that Chase ended up in such a precarious position. 

Pranks and insults are normal in a differential and in House's sphere, but House and his team have never been under this kind of scrutiny before and when Cofield attempts to understand House's methods, he finds out that the conflict that House breeds during this one case is normal for every case, which disturbs him.

However, when House ends up curing the patient in the end, Cofield has to think twice about whether assigning House blame (and revoking his parole) for Chase's poor condition is really the right thing to do.  If House saved the patient, are House's methods really flawed? 

Cofield claims that no one is fault, but in the last scene, House tells Chase that he is to blame and apologizes. 

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House Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

Unsquint your eyes.


Good things usually happen. Bad things sometimes happen.